Countertop water distiller draws raw tap water in its boiling vessel, distills it, obliterates every trace of dissolved minerals and hard metals, does away with inherent smell and odor and generates a pitcher full of 1 gallon of purified water in a reasonable time. The design is not complicated and the portability factor helps it to locate anywhere. No formal installation with lots of flanking apparatus is required and the size resembles that of a commonplace kitchen blender and most importantly fits snugly on the counter top. Once plugged in and pressed on, the water distiller is in active service.

Countertop Water Distiller will generate one gallon in five to six hours and it will produce up to four gallons of pure, steamed distilled water every day. You just fill the stainless steel chamber, plug it in and a few hours later, you’ll have a gallon of fresh distilled water in its glass collection container.

A countertop water distiller is easy to use. Just add water and press the button. Different sizes of countertop water distillers are available based on how many gallons of water they can distill at one time. Other convenient features are available, such as a programmable time-delay and multifunction LCD readout. When selecting a countertop water distiller, be sure the machine is well built, made of quality parts, has escape vents and carbon post filters and is energy efficient.

A countertop water distiller works by boiling the water until steam results. The steam is then collected in a container and condensed into water again, leaving behind all the contaminants. Many experts believe that distilling water using a countertop water distiller is the most consistent and effective method for removing contaminants than reverse osmosis, ultraviolet filtering and other purification procedures.

The Countertop Water Distiller has a stainless steel tank or boil-chamber and because it’s a pure water environment, there is no corrosion, making it last a long long time. The outside of the unit is a hard, white, durable composite material which wipes clean instantly.

This countertop water distiller comes with charcoal filters and residue cleaner. The fact that the system uses charcoal filters is like a one two punch that gets water as clean as possible.

With a countertop water distiller in your kitchen, the supply of clean, purified water is conveniently right at your fingertips. You no longer have to lug big empty jugs to the grocery store to get them refilled, or go without distilled water because you couldn’t get to the store.

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