CoQ10 dosage varies with age. Typically, the recommended intake for adults is 30mg — 200mg daily. Healthy and young adults are normally recommended around 30mg daily. Because CoQ10 supplements are still under research, there is no standardized guideline for dosing; the best dose of CoQ10 has not hitherto been established. This situation is mostly due to the fact that there is considerable variability in CoQ10 absorption and needs among different individuals.

A CoQ10 dosage of in the range of 300mg/day was used in many studies, and associated with some of the greatest benefits of this coenzyme. There are even a couple of reports of women becoming free of small breast cancer tumors after taking about 350mg/day of CoQ10.

The CoQ10 dosage also differs depending on the manufacturer. Some may contain high amounts of CoQ10 as the bio-availability of the enzyme is actually affected by a number of different factors like stomach acid, liver absorption, materials used to make the CoQ10 capsule coating.

Knowing the proper CoQ10 dosage means getting the most benefits from this natural energy-giving coenzyme. CoQ10, or Coenzyme Q10, contains powerful antioxidants that can keep premature aging at bay, and also help prevent deadly illnesses like cancer from occurring. The way antioxidants work is that they combat free radicals that attack the cells of the body, rendering them susceptible to toxic particles. In turn, these can cause heart disease and dreaded types of cancers like those affecting the lungs, liver, breasts, and others.

You may find the best CoQ10 dosage mainly if you choose to purchase a tablet formed multivitamin mainly because of the kind of coating, which is used. For proper dispel of ingredients, it is advisable to purchase a more expensive products. Once you find enteric coating, you will be increasing the absorption in your body as well as increasing the benefits of CoQ10.

It is very crucial to read all CoQ10 dosage recommendations and instructions before you start the medication. After knowing the medication, you will start feeling the benefits and results after some weeks. In addition, it is advisable to consult a doctor for recommended CoQ10 dosage in case of any health problems such as diabetes, gum and heart congestion.

There are several factors that determine the CoQ10 dosage. However, consuming 30 to 200mg daily is recommended for healthy persons who just wish to take it as part of their daily supplements. CoQ10 dosage used has undergone a lot of changes over the past 20 years. Originally, studies had indicated that doses as low as 30 to 45 milligrams, show improvements in patients with heart failure. Now, tests reveal that higher doses provide improvement results. CoQ10 comes in different forms such as soft gel, oral spray, hard shell capsules, or as tablets as well as dosages ranging from 10 to 300mg for each tablet.

There’s no question that if you’re over 40, you should be taking a good CoQ10 supplement (coenzyme Q10) every day, in the right CoQ10 dosage. A good CoQ10 supplement fuels energy production in every single cell in your body.

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