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A daily dose of essiac tea can help purge toxins before they can build up in the body and cause illness. Essiac’s detoxification properties are well known, and a regular dose of tea purges toxins and cleanses the intestinal system. Continued essiac supplementation can build and sustain a strong immune system.

Essiac tea contains a wide variety of nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals that combine to increase the immune system’s ability to fight and prevent disease. Essiac can provide whole-body support by cleansing the circulatory system of impurities, while also promoting correct liver function.

Combining essiac tea with traditional high-quality vitamins, healthy living, and regular exercise is the best way for you to ensure sustained good health. The essiac tea cancer cure is based on the assumption that this tea has the ability to kill cancer cells.

Essiac tea protects cells against free radicals. Strengthening muscles, organs, and tissues. Removing toxic accumulation in the body, including heavy metals and other environmental toxins. Aiding in bowel detoxification and elimination.

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