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The Alpha Juicer Ice Shaver is a versatile utility to be added onto any purchase of the Alpha Juicer. It can slice carrots, slice potatoes into chips-shape, make blended ice from ice rocks and even save you time from chopping garlic and onions!

Product sold separately.

Watch a brief video on the Alpha Juicer Ice Shaver

Ice Shaver is an attachment sold seperately from the Alpha Juicer. It’s a machine that shaves the ice so nicely. When attached to the Alpha Juicer motor, it spins at 80rpm and slices everything up from ice, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, onions and much much more!

Having ice shaver in your home is like you being a professional chef! Make the Ice Shaver do the heavy duty work of chopping and slicing of the carrots and cucumbers. You will be amazed at how thin the width of the slice is with this Ice Shaver.

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