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The Alpha Juicer DA502 Drum is connection between the juicer motor and the grinding screw. The Alpha Juicer DA502 is obsolete. Go get the new Alpha Juicer DA-900.

Below is an article about juicing that might interest you.

Juicing makes it possible to devour massive amount of fresh vegetables and fruits and vegetables and fruits you can’t normally obtain from just eating. A lot of people find it hard to eat the advisable one pound of natural fruit and vegetables per 50 lbs body volume each day , but this is very an easy task to fulfill by having vegetable juice.

Juicing appears to be the very best option. With a everyday routine of fresh lovely juices (a lot of fruits and vegetables and fruits), you can easily get rid of the toxic compounds stored in one’s body as a consequence of smoking cigarettes and bad diet habits while making your body healthier and stronger. The removal of these poisons (primarily from cigarettes) will lessen your yearning for tobacco cigarettes naturally.

Juicing also leads to the hardworking liver to eliminate a lot of unhealthy toxins to the bloodstream that in the end would get excreted. This also triggers feeling sick. To lessen queasiness, we encourage small, repeated drinks.

If you detest preparing raw fruits and veggies and fruit and vegetables then consider buying fruit fruit drinks instead. Fruit lovely juices are a fun way to get a every day measure of natural vitamins and nutrient without having will need to spend your time pealing, cutting up and cooking.

A fairly easy, yet effective way to enhance diet in your diet is to encompass fresh, raw juices in to the each day routine. By making your very own juice out of organic fruits and fresh vegetables, you’ll be able to efficiently and delightfully gain a hearty dosage of vitamins, minerals and fiber content any time of the day.

Juicing Hint: Juice the apples with their skins intact. The skin is among the most abundant area of the apple for flavonoid content. This may produce cloudy but more nourishing (whilst still being delicious) apple juicer recipes. This wholesome juicer recipe also makes a wonderful solution for colds.

Juicing is a effective and healthy way to get fruits and veggies and veggies into your diet. Discover simple and delicious recipes, as well as ideas for how to use even the pulp in your cooking.

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