When I returned from abroad in November 2003, I visited the NewLife office. I was fortunate to speak to Ms. Jasmine Leong regarding my skin condition. She was very helpful and resourceful. After observing my skin, Ms. Leong recommended that I use the Annemarie Borlind’s ZZ Sensitive range of skin care products.

My skin was generally dry. I had a sort of sensitive and lightly scaling skin condition on my face, particularly my forehead and cheek bone regions. I have tried various cosmetic/ skin care products and all these, I should say, have provided me some measure of temporary relief.

After using the said products for almost three weeks, I experienced a remarkable gradual improvement on my face. My complexion became much smoother and clearer to a noticeable extent. In fact, my friends also noticed the difference.

During a subsequent visit to the NewLife office, to my surprise, two lady visitors came over and asked me what products I use. I was delighted with their compliments and obviously directed them to Ms. Leong.

Lee Ai Oui

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