Melaleuca Alternifolia

Melaleuca alternifolia has been used to treat all different sorts of infections, and has long been revered for its antiseptic properties. The leaves of the melaleuca tree have been used by the aborigines for centuries, to heal cuts, wounds and skin infections....

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Tea tree oil can be found in Wonda Oil. Tea tree oil benefits are wide ranging. Tea tree oil has medicinal properties and is commonly used in treating ailments that are a result of fungal infections, infections that require antiseptic attention such as fungal nail...

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil in its pure form is available at most health food stores and on the internet. Avoid wasting your money on fancy gels or creams that may have it in a diluted form. Tea tree oil uses are many, as the oil is very potent and multifunctional. Tea tree is a...
Wonda Oil

Wonda Oil

First-aid kit in a bottle. Each drop is like a healing touch to wounds, bruise, cuts & mosquito bites. Use sparingly for you only have that many drops.

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