Garlic oil benefits expand when applied topically. Topical garlic oil benefits may include anti-fungal and antibiotic effects. There have been some studies to show that garlic oil benefits include the effective cure of athelete’s foot when used topically on soldiers for one to two weeks. In addition, topical garlic oil benefits may include antibacterial effects against staphlococcus (staph) bacteria that live on the skin, including staph that is resistant to penicillin antibiotics such as MRSA (methacillin resistant staphylococcus aureus).

Garlic oil benefits may be acquired through both oral or topical use. Garlic oil can be made two different ways: firstly, it can be crushed and allowed to soak in vegetable oil or secondly, it may be steam distilled. The way garlic oil is manufactured will influence the active components present in the final product. Garlic allowed to soak in vegetable oil will contain more fat soluble components whereas distilled garlic oil will contain more water soluable components.

Garlic oil benefits can be obtained, in the form of decreased levels of low density lipids or bad cholesterol, which is helpful for certain types of heart disease. Most importantly, it also lowers the total cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. The chemicals present in it, promote formation of HDL cholesterol.

One of the garlic oil benefits is that it can be used to provide relief to the patients suffering from the high blood pressure by lowering it. It does have the capacity to act as a blood thinner and is known to successfully unclog the blood vessels and prevent atherosclerosis. Its ability to make the blood thinner is important for avoiding stroke and thrombosis. Ingestion of garlic oil also helps in lowering the blood sugar levels.

Along with the above garlic oil benefits, you can also consume it to remove the toxic substances, such as lead and mercury from your body. If you are already using a prescribed aspirin or warfarin, then don’t take garlic supplements without taking the advice of your doctor. Both of these are well-known blood thinners. The same advice stands true for patients suffering from hemophilia.

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