Flaxseed oil supplements contain various antioxidants that are useful to the immune function and the heart. Individuals who have experienced heart attacks might significantly benefit from supplements that possess high  antioxidant  amounts. They help in lowering both cholesterol levels and also blood pressure.

Flaxseed oil supplements offer several benefits to women ranging from relieving menopausal symptoms to alleviating symptoms linked to premenstrual syndrome. The anti-inflammatory properties of these supplements may also assist in alleviating breast pain, which normally occurs during menstruation. Mood swings and appetite  loss  among other menopausal symptoms can be gradually lessened with the consumption of flaxseed oil supplements.

Use flaxseed oil supplements to enhance fertility.  Essential fatty acids are needed for proper functioning and activity of the reproductive glands. Borage seed and evening primrose oil can be substituted for flaxseed oil.

flaxseed oil supplements have much more omega-3 than omega -6. Most people need more omega -3 and they don’t get it. People who do get sufficient omega -3 tend to be from countries where fish are frequently eaten.

By taking flaxseed oil supplements daily, you will receive numerous healthful benefits. Since flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it can help lower your cholesterol, regulate your blood pressure, and boost your cardiovascular system. Flaxseed also has been used to treat and prevent certain types of cancer, and arthritis. As per the  University of Maryland Medical Center , it is recommended that adult users ingest no more than one or two tablespoonfuls of liquid flaxseed daily or one or two flaxseed oil capsules daily.

Body builders claim that flaxseed oil supplements can increase their stamina and help them recover more quickly form workouts. Flaxseed contains a natural antioxidant, which could explain why it helps tired muscles recover more quickly.  In addition, its anti-inflammatory effect can also help reduce muscle soreness.

Some studies have shown that flaxseed oil supplements can reduce symptoms of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in some children. Other studies claim that flaxseed can lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Initial results also suggest that flaxseed may reduce symptoms of menopause. None of these health claims have been substantiated with large, well-controlled human studies.

There is further evidence that flaxseed oil supplements are good for the brain and can affect your mood as well. The brain is made from mostly fats, and as such can be greatly benefited by adding the right kinds of fats (which are contained in flaxseed oil). A brain that has the right balance of Omega 3 fatty acids tends to be healthier and is better equipped to fight off bouts of depression.

Some people have found that taking fish oil or flaxseed oil supplements really help improve their skin. They are certainly an excellent way of dealing with chronically dry skin, and essential fatty acids like flaxseed oil are a favorite with naturopaths in treating acne. For adults, and women in particular, some of the acne treatments used for teenagers will be too harsh for the skin. This includes benzoyl peroxide based products, which really dry out the skin even more. As well as contributing to the development of wrinkles, by weakening the skin, they don’t support the function of the skin as a barrier.

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