Not too long ago you may have come across several mainstream media articles with headlines like these :

Coconut Oil Isn’t Healthy. It’s Never Been Healthy – USA Today

Nutrition Experts Warn Coconut Oil Is On Par With Beef Fat, Butter – Chicago Tribune

This Popular Health Food is Worse For You Than Pork Lard – Daily Star

It turns out that the above articles were a response to the American Heart Association’s (AHA) June 2017 report on saturated fats. Many people were alarmed by these mainstream media articles, but the AHA’s actual guidelines do not state to avoid saturated fats altogether. AHA recommends that daily saturate fat intake should be a bout 6% of your daily caloric consumption, which is about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. The mainstream media has sensationalized their publications and distorted the facts from what was actually reported in the AHA’s guidelines.

In fact, numerous studies show that saturated fats like those found in coconut oil are indeed good for you.

A recent study by the University of Cambridge in England found that coconut oil can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke when consumed every day for a month.

In the study, researchers followed 94 volunteers between the ages of 50 and 75. None of them had a history of heart disease.

After four weeks of eating three tablespoons of coconut oil a day, participants had a 15% rise in healthy HDL levels, leading the scientists to report that this superfood can lower your risk of developing heart disease or stroke.

Another study which looked at diabetes risk found that the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil significantly improve blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance. Lowering your risk of diabetes greatly improves your chance of avoiding a heart attack.

Further studieshave shown that coconut oil:

  • Boosts brain function in people with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Reduces inflmmation and arthritis
  • Prevents osteoporosis.
  • Protects the liver.
  • Improves body composition and weight in women.

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