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Herbal Klenz Powder helps to remove the gluey layers covering the villi of the small intestines, thus enhancing the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Vegetarian Formula



Please consume a large amount of fluid / water when taking this product.


Keep Tightly Closed in a Cool, Dry Place. Keep Out of Reach of Children

Adults : Take on e teaspoon before meal, 1-3 times per day. Mix the powder with a full glass of water or juice and drink immediately.

Herbal Klenz Powder helps remove encrustations from your intestines.

Harmful microorganisms, carcinogenic agents, partially digested foods, metabolic wastes, and toxins can cause hosts of problems in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This in turn can lead to poor health and degenerative diseases.

No wonder health experts maintain that : Early Death Begins In The Gut

Poisons in the gut may:

  • Weaken and stress the heart
  • Cause skin and facial problems
  • Irritate the lungs and cause bad breath
  • Upset mental function and cause senility
  • Cause pain and stiffness in the joints
  • Cause fatigue and rob you of your youth
  • Cause hosts of other problems like high cholesterol, weight problems, building stomachs, liver and kidney problems, cancer etc.

Long Transit Time – Constipation

According to Professor Arnold Ehret, constipation is the primary cause of 99.9% of our illnesses, including cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, arthritis, tumours and other so-called “incurable diseases”.

Health specialists including Dr. J. H. Kellogg of Battle Creek Sanitarium maintained that all cancer patients are victims of chronic constipation.

But how do we know that we are constipated? Easy! Whenever we fail to eliminate 10 – 14 hours after each meal, we could be suffering from constipation.

Are Laxatives The Answer?

Commercial laxatives contain irritants that trigger a chain of protective responses. The entire intestinal tract is being stimulated to discharge it quickly from the body. Laxatives expel only the fecal matter without actually cleansing the intestinal tract.

Over a period of time, the intestine would become sluggish and would depend on laxatives even more.

Modern diets and lifestyles are putting tremendous toxic stress on our body functions and our health. More importantly, our diets and lifestyles have caused an adverse impact on our GI tract. Various toxins produced in the GI tract are absorbed into the blood stream, causing damage to the liver, and subsequently affecting the functions of the brain, nervous system, and other parts of the body.

The major cause of sickness and poor health is related to the care and protection of our GI tract; therefore, it is essential to look into the well-being of our gut.

I purchased a Herbal Klenz Powder about a year ago. After taking the pack for a few days. I passed out lots of foreign substances’ (encrustations).
I have also become more energetic and more confident about my health. GI Health Plus saved me a lot of money because I don’t have to visit the doctor regularly regarding my flu anymore.

Evans Beh, Kota Kinabalu


Before I consumed Herbal Klenz Powder, my bowel movement was once every 2-3 days. It made me tired and uncomfortable. After taking it, my bowel movement was restored and now I have once or sometimes twice of bowel movement daily. The stools are getting softer and easier to evacuate.

Mrs. Yee, Kuala Lumpur


On the 3rd day of taking the Herbal Klenz Powder, I passed out a lot of encrustation with funny shapes that I have never seen before. After a couple of weeks. I found it so good that I lost 3kg. On top of that, I felt very clean.

Mdm. Fob, Ipoh



My wife and I started taking Herbal Klenz Powder 2 months ago. I felt so good that I could wake up in the morning without the feeling of lack of sleep. Before that, I felt it was very difficult to wake up from bed and was always tired. Now, I am much better and very energetic.

Mr. Soh K. P., Batu Palm


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