is your child constipated

Constipation in children is often due to dehydration, lack of fiber, lack of probiotics in the gastrointestinal tract or psychological factors.


While we ensure that the child has enough water or fresh juices to stay hydrated, it is also essential that the child has sufficient and the right kind of fibers for maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract.



Kids Klenz contains both soluble and insoluble fibers.As insoluble fibers do not dissolve by the powerful stomach acid, they clean the walls of the intestines while passing through. This helps prevent bowel related diseases. They add bulk to the waste which helps prevent constipation. These fibers do not break down and they pass through the gastrointestinal tract relatively intact, thus, speeding up the flow of waste through your child’s gut. While insoluble fibers are widely available in whole grains, vegetables and fruits, apple pectin is found to be the best source of supply.


Soluble fiber on the other hand dissolves in digestive juices and form into soft gel. The child’s body will not be able to digest them, however, the friendly bacteriain the intestine would. This provides a great help in their natural growth. During this bacterial digestion of soluble fibers, a subtance that can help lower cholesterol, kill harmful bacteria and yeast, and nourish the large intestine is released. Among the sources of the soluble fibers such as fruits, beans and oats -oat fibers and psyllium husks are found to be the best.

is your child constipated


Kids Klenz promotes healthy bowels and digestive system which indirectly strengthens the immune system. Kids Klenz contains wonderful ingredients such as apple pectin, oligofructose and stevia that are beneficial to health. Apple pectin helps to remove heavy metal substances, whereas oligofructose stimulates the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria such as those found in NewLifeTM ImmuFlora. The positive outgrowth of beneficial bacteria can have an immense and positive impact on the immune system. On the other hand, steviainhibits the growth and reproduction of some bacteria and other infectious organisms which may explain why the users of stevia enhanced product report lower incidence of colds and flu.


It would be beneficial to supplement your child with Kids Klenz, even if he has ‘regular, normal’ bowel movements, especially if the child is on refined foods such as white rice and white flour products. On top of that, to maintain healthy bowels, a child should consume sufficient amount of other fiber such as brown rice, wholemeal bread, lots of fruits, and vegetables as well as fluid daily.


Kids Klenz allows the child to have continuous regular bowel movement even after he has stopped the dosage. As Kids Klenz is not addictive, it will not hinder the child’s regular bowel movement. However, it is crucial that parents make several important changes to the child’s diet in order to promote regular bowel movement.

is your child constipated



Kids Klenz can benefit the overweight or underweight child too. For an overweight child, it is recommended to take Kids Klenz 30 minutes before meal on empty stomach to prevent over-eating during mealtime as the child may feel full after taking Kids Klenz. This feeling is normal because the child would have taken 2 glasses of water. Conversely, if the child is not overweight, it is recommended to take Kids Klenz an hour before meal on empty stomach.


Regular intake of Kids Klenz will help improve gastrointestinal health which in turn enhances nutrients absorption.


Be sure to give your child plenty of water whenever a fiber-rich supplement is consumed. Children who have frequent or chronic abdominal pain, with or without accompanying constipation, often benefit from a high-fiber diet with a fiber-rich supplement like NewLifeTM Kids Klenz.


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