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After the age of 30 it becomes increasingly important to top up the skin’s moisture levels, because it begins to lose its capacity to store moisture. Only well-hydrated skin can protect itself against wrinkles and retain its elasticity for longer. AQUANATURE – the perfect skincare range for age 30+ for skin that needs extra moisture.


  • Tremella fuciformis snow fungus
  • Aloe Vera
  • Alpine willowherb epilobium fleischeri
  • Papyrus Salicornia


This soft eye care cream for demanding, dehydrated skin reduces lines caused by dryness, and wrinkles with the valuable hyaluronic acid and marine plant extracts it contains. Phyto cells from papyrus promote the skin’s powers of regeneration. Organic caffeine stimulates the micro-circulation and alleviates puffiness.


Apply gently to the skin in the eye area with your fingertips every morning and evening after cleansing.

Ingredients : Tremella fuciformis snow fungus, Aloe Vera, Alpine willowherb epilobium fleischeri, Papyrus, Salicornia
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