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Henna will add a reddy-orange rinse to your existing hair colour, so blonde will go red/orange, brown will go auburn, black will have a slight reddish tinge to it. It will only darken your hair, not lighten it. It makes my dark brown hair go a rich red-brown (orange in the sun).

Henna is a completely natural, herbal hair colour that will make your hair go heavier, glossy and shiny. It conditions the hair by binding to the keratin proteins and coating the hair. It thickens hair, makes the hair shaft smoother, and generally makes the hair stronger and more resistant to breakage. It also protects hair from harsh UV rays. It also reduces dandruff. Henna is astringent so it tightens the scalp’s grip on hair, making hair less likely to fall out.

Henna is by far the most popular natural colorant to get red hair. When applied to dark hair, it lends a beautiful red tint to the hair. Henna powder is readily available in stores. It is green in color. Apart from its coloring properties, it also makes hair softer, thicker and silkier to touch. It acts as a natural conditioner.

Henna powder, from the Lawsonia inermis or Mignonette tree has been used for over 6000 years to dye hair. It has also been used for skin decoration, and to dye materials. The henna tree grows mainly in desert region, and Rajasthan in India in a major producer of it. Henna, used by both Cleopatra and Nefertiti, has been used in many different Middle Eastern, African and Indian cultures for adornment for special occasions, especially weddings.

Henna has been used to color skin and hair for thousands of years. The ground up leaves of the henna plant make a green powder. When made into a paste using hot water. When using Henna the amount of color depends on length of time it is left in the hair and also how often it is re applied. It is not hard to change the color shades in a henna dye. For instance if you add a brew from roasted tea leaves it would give the color a rich brown color.

Henna is probably the most popular herbal hair dye to help redden the hair. It is very effective for hair that is naturally red, but people with blonde and light brown hair can also expect semi-permanent results. To make the dye, combine 2 tablespoons crushed henna leaves with one cup just boiled water. Let the herbs soak in the water overnight, and strain in the morning. Apply to the hair and allow it to set for at least 30 minutes, but the longer the better. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

Henna, a highly beneficial natural hair dye, has been used for centuries. Although henna is most commonly known as a body art tattoo substance, it has become much more popular to use henna for hair in recent years. It has mostly become so popular because of how effective it is as an organic hair dye – it is free from harmful chemicals, and actually strengthens and repairs hair instead of damaging it. However, henna is highly permanent, so one should always do their research before using henna as a dye. Henna binds with hair on a molecular level, making hair very strong, but making the henna impossible to remove.

Henna works because lawsone is absorbed into material like hair and skin. You mix the powdered henna into a mud, using hot water, lemon juice, vinegar, or other acidic additives. An acidic mixture strengthens the dyeing properties. Then you apply the henna mud to a surface like the palm of your hand, bottom of your feet, or anywhere on your body. Leave the mud on for as long as possible, up to 48 hours. When it dries and crumbles off, the skin will have darkened to auburn, orange, red, or brown.

Henna dye is safe and very effective. It is not permanent and will wash out in time. Henna will dye hair a range of different shades of red and this can be further changed by adding different plant dyes such as indigo, alma and cassia in order to get black and brunette colors as well. You can also mix henna with coffee to dye hair as well. There are many different websites devoted to henna hair dye and you can find a wide range of different recipes that can give you the color you are looking for.

Henna dyes hair, skin, and fabric organically, similar to a black tea dye. Henna is extracted from a tree by drying and grinding leaves and stems. The greenish powder, when mixed with an acidic liquid, makes a temporary red, brown, or orange design on a porous surface. People use henna in ritual skin painting, called Mehndi , for birth and marriage celebrations. Western cultures have adopted henna to make temporary tattoos and organic hair dye.

Henna is another natural organic hair color that not only helps to cover up gray hair, but can help you to get a dark brown tinge as well. You can add freshly brewed coffee and egg yolk to provide extra nutrition to your hair. Apart from being an organic hair coloring agent, henna is also a natural hair conditioner.

Henna dyes are the dyes that are of natural kind and are extracted from a plant. So, this kind of natural hair dyes are free of toxic and harmful chemicals. Natural shine of the hair is enhanced by these hair dyes. These hair colours are so trendy every time and are classic hair colours. So, in the year 2012, this hair colouring trend will also be big and in high demand by the people because of its natural kind of quality.