Core Products

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Alpha Juicer DA-900
RM 1842.30
Buy Alpha Juicer DA-900
Bread Maker
RM 676.30
Buy Bread Maker
Bread Mix
RM 22.15
Buy Bread Mix
Castor Oil
RM 107.50
Buy Castor Oil
RM 69.55
Buy Cholestinon
Coffee Enema
RM 27.90
Buy Coffee Enema
RM 336.00
Buy Collasta
RM 174.90
Buy ColostrumX
CoQ10 Biosorb
RM 203.50
Buy CoQ10 Biosorb
Enema Bucket Set
RM 56.90
Buy Enema  Bucket Set
Enema Bag Only
RM 56.40
Buy Enema Bag Only
Enema Family Spare
RM 50.05
Buy Enema Family Spare
Essiac Tea
RM 100.70
Buy Essiac Tea
Green Food
RM 114.50
Buy Green Food
Hair Color 3 in 1
RM 50.90
Buy Hair Color 3 in 1
Herbal Tea Morlife
RM 26.80
Buy Herbal Tea Morlife
Herbal Tea Zinger
RM 26.80
Buy Herbal Tea Zinger
Honey (3.5kg)
RM 422.80
Buy Honey (3.5kg)
Honey (850gm)
RM 114.40
Buy Honey (850gm)
Honey Manuka
RM 74.60
Buy Honey Manuka
RM 120.85
Buy Immuflora
K Salt
RM 79.90
Buy K Salt
RM 74.50
Buy Kelp
RM 102.40
Buy Liverin
Membership Kit
RM 74.20
Buy Membership Kit
N.Zimes P.A. Plus
RM 112.95
Buy N.Zimes P.A. Plus
RM 41.40
Buy Niacin
Nutritional Yeast
RM 42.60
Buy Nutritional Yeast
Propol Plus
RM 114.35
Buy Propol Plus
Rebounder Cover
RM 43.45
Buy Rebounder Cover
Seide Mild Shampoo
RM 65.70
Buy Seide Mild Shampoo
Spirulina Powder
RM 119.80
Buy Spirulina Powder
Toothbrush Maxx
RM 6.90
Buy Toothbrush Maxx
Vitamin B Complex
RM 63.80
Buy Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin C 500mg
RM 75.85
Buy Vitamin C 500mg
Vitamin C Complex
RM 160.10
Buy Vitamin C Complex
Wonda Oil
RM 68.60
Buy Wonda Oil
Yoghurt Maker
RM 136.75
Buy Yoghurt Maker
Yoghurt Starter
RM 36.45
Buy Yoghurt Starter

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