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9 things you can do with your Alpha Juicer DA-900

  1. Fruit Juicing
  2. Vegetable & Wheat Grass Juicing
  3. Soya Bean, Almond and Other Nut Milk Extractor *
  4. Pasta & Noodle Maker
  5. Food Milling
  6. Grain Milling
  7. Slicer and Ice Shaver **
  8. Mincer and Chopper **
  9. Grinder **

* Extractor is sold separately.
** Multi-functional part is sold separately.

The number of YEARS of warranty for your Alpha Juicer DA-900 motor. Keep receipt for warranty claim.


We have every spare part available

Free Apple Cutter with every purchase of Alpha Juicer DA-900 from NewLife Ampang Park

Natural source for health, beauty and long life. 100% natural, certified organic and contains no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.

Cold pressed and naturally processed from freshly harvested organic mature coconuts. Excellent for massage and external application on hair and skin.

100 % pure and contains no artificial ingredients. Softens and nourishes the skin. Excellent for massaging into joints and muscles.

Detox Core

During detoxification, these are the products that you will be using.


Annemarie Borlind

Cosmetics made from 100% natural ingredients. Annemarie Borlind is the secret of celebrities.


Alpha Juicer Parts

Every moving part has a lifespan and the Alpha Juicer is no different. Thankfully we have most of the parts available.

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